Monday, July 7, 2014

Christmas in July

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I'm happy to announce I'll be participating in a little Christmas in July sew along with Sew Lux Fabric.

I will be working with this beautiful bundle of 25th and Pine Christmas in July bundle

And here is my inspiration for my tutorial! Won't this make the cutest Christmas pillow?

little swap quilt

Here's a little more info!


While the holidays arrive at the same time each and every year, it never fails that they seem to sneak up on so many of us.  Our goal with this series is to help you get a jump on your holiday sewing by sharing tutorials as well as providing an opportunity to link up your projects and win some great prizes !  Like last year, we've enlisted the help of some friends who will be working with one of six different Christmas in July bundles and preparing a fun holiday tutorial for the series.

With bundles from designers like Kate Spain, Basic Grey, Gina Martin and more there's something for everyone!   And this week you can save 10% on all of our featured Christmas in July Bundles with coupon code NICELIST.  Offer ends 7/13/14.

Here's our Schedule of Events for the Series:
  • July 7th - Series Announcement & Bundle Sale
  • July 14th - Solstice Wreath Mini Tutorial (See that cute wreath in our series button image? We'll show you how to make it here on the Sew Lux Blog!)
  • July 21st - Sewing with Winter Wonderland - Lee of May Chappell
  • July 22nd - Sewing with Be Jolly - Chrissy of Sew Lux
  • July 23rd - Sewing the Folk Art Holiday - Sarah of Stitching & Bacon AND Megan of Quilt Story
  • July 24th - Sewing with 25th & Pine - Tessa of The Sewing Chick AND Tracey of traceyjay quilts
  • July 25th - Sewing with Solstice - Christen of Love by Hand AND Stephanie of Quarter Incher
  • July 21-August 4th - Linky open to link up your projects
  • August 5th - Winner Announced

Sew with Us!
To encourage you all to also get a start on your holiday sewing, we're offering up some prizes!  All you have to do is make a project using one of the tutorials from the series and link it up by August 4th!  You can use a bundle or fabric from your stash - it only has to use one of our 9 tutorials from this series!

There will be two winners chosen at random and announced on August 5th. International friends are welcome to participate - your prize will be included with your shipment upon redeeming your gift certificate.
  • Grand Prize: $50 gift certificate to Sew Lux Fabric, a set of 6 You're Sew Nice cards, and an assortment of three patterns by May Chappell
  • 1st Prize: $25 gift certificate to Sew Lux Fabric, a set of 6 You're Sew Nice cards, and a pattern by May Chappell
Who's excited?!

Happy Sewing! :-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cotton + Steel 10" square swap sign-up!

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All Full!
If you filled out the form, you are in (as long as you buy your fabric and pay shipping & handling). :)

It is time to sign up for the Cotton + Steel swap! 
(Note: Just filling out your form doesn't guarantee anything - I will be in contact to finalize things, and I'll close form when we're full)

This is your registration link here.

How the swap works:

1) Fill out your registration form. I will close it when slots are filled.

2) Buy your fabric from our sponsoring shop, Intrepid Thread. (you are not buying a specific print -- all prints will be covered from her. To participate in this swap, you must pre-order through Intrepid Thread)

*I will provide Julie with a shipping list; only people who are registered for the swap will receive fabric from this listing.

3) Send your shipping & handling payment.

4) US people: Get your fabric and cut it and send it back to Tracey Jacobsen (address will be provided of course).

5) Int'l people: Wait patiently and smile.

6) Receive your Cotton + Steel layer cake!

Terms of this swap:
- Pre-order 5 yards of a single Cotton + Steel quilting cotton print from our sponsoring shop Intrepid Thread. Her price (link below) includes a 10% discount and shipping in the price. She is reserving 5 yards of each print so that all of them will be covered. I will try to give you one of your top 3 picks, but it might not happen -- first come, first served!

US participants:
Cut your fabric in to 68 squares, 10" x 10". Mail them to Tracey within 2 weeks of receiving them (dates will be announced when the shipment comes in). Pay Tracey $12 shipping & handling through paypal, check, or cash. You will not receive any fabric back until shipping & handling have been paid. Shipping will be via priority flat-rate padded envelope.

Pre-order your fabric and it will be shipped to Tracey Jacobsen to cut. Pay Tracey $30.00 for cutting + shipping & handling back to you via Priority flat-rate padded envelope.

Other International friends:
Pre-order your fabric and have it shipped to Tracey Jacobsen to cut. Pay Tracey $33.00 to cover cutting + shipping & handling back to you via Priority flat-rate padded envelope.

Everyone promises to play nice and keep in communication with Tracey if there is a need to. You also promise not to post anything rude about traceyjay quilts or Intrepid Thread if there is an issue, but let them know and trust that we will work it out together.

Disclaimer from traceyjay: My home is smoke-free; however, I do have one dog. I will vacuum before I sort all the piles, but be aware that a stray hair may find its way to you. My plan is to have everything shipped back to you within 1-2 weeks of receiving all the fabric. In order to maintain consistency, I will not do any sorting until I have received all 68 prints, and plan to make all the piles in one sitting.

To summarize:
You must order through Intrepid Thread for this swap.

You can send the money to me through paypal via the "send money" link.

I will post here when we reach 68 people!

I hope I've covered everything! :)

- Tracey

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gauging interest?

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I am considering organizing a 10" square swap of all the Cotton + Steel prints, and gauging interest ahead of time. It would involve the quilting cottons only from the designers' individual collections, which you can see here

Comment below if you're interested, and more details will follow if it looks like we can get 68 people to play along!!! :)

what am I thinking??? Not sure... ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A little giveaway

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*Giveaway now closed - Barbara Woods was the winner*

I am hosting a little giveaway on Instagram, but will share here in case, like I wasn't for a long time, you're not there. 

You can enter for the Grand Prize on Instagram, or comment here with your favorite pattern and which essential oil sample you'd like to try!

Find the patterns here, and a list of the oils to try here! (Frank and PanAway not eligible for the sample). 

Thank you all for the support! ♥

Monday, June 9, 2014

Easy, lacto-fermented pickles

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About a year ago or so I learned about fermenting veggies, and as requested, here's my little blog post on how I do pickles. 

- mason jar
- fresh cucumbers (I picked these last night)
- real salt (NOT iodized - I use the himalayan pink salt from Costco)
- pickling spices, herbs, garlic, etc.
- NOT chlorinated water (we have well water, so I use from the tap)
- optional: starter (will explain in a bit)
- optional: airlock type lid (I use this Perfect Pickler)
- optional: tea leaves or grape leaves (for their tannins; my pickling spice has bay leaves in it, so that works for me)

1) Fill your jar with cucumbers and herbs and spices. (My jar is usually stuffed full - it's OK to pack those cucumbers in tight, and actually can help with the ferment). 

2) Make a brine with some salt. I don't measure in anything but quilting, so I just go for salty. My book, Real Food Fermentation, recommends a ratio of 1/2 cup of salt to 2 quarts of non-chlorinated water. Remember: NOT iodized salt!

3) Here's where I cheat:
Sauerkraut is my only ferment I do that I don't add a starter. For these pickles, I saved some of the brine from my last batch of Bubbies (you can get them at a health food store in the fridge). They're fermented pickles. 

4) Add the brine and starter to the pickles (I think it's about 1/2 cup of starter -- for the next batch; I just reserve some of the brine and herbs from this batch and that has worked really well for me).

Make sure the pickles are covered with brine!

5) Let them sit on the counter for 3-5 days. They will bubble and change color, but they're delicious! My Scarlet especially loves them. If you don't have an air-lock lid, open once or twice/day to release some of the pressure. If your home is especially warm, they will ferment faster. I sometimes put them in the fridge in the middle of the day to slow down the process. Move to the fridge and they keep for a long time!

This is my fresh batch, and my last batch after 4 days of pickling!
I use cabbage leaves, a little stainless cup, a smaller jar inside a jar, or other ways to keep the pickles below the level of the brine. I went back and added more to this batch because I noticed my pickles had floated up a bit. 



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Emily's wedding quilt"

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My sweet friend has a sweet baby girl named Emily. Emily's big sister already had a quilt, but we didn't know if this little lady was a baby boy or girl, so her quilt wasn't ready when she was brand new. 

Emily just turned one, and over the past year I've had many, many different ideas for her quilt, until I saw this fabric, and knew I wanted to design something around it. 

I asked Instagram and some friends for ideas, and Kelly showed me this quilt, called "Emily's Wedding Quilt" from Fons & Porter. I reworked the block sizes, and got to fussy cutting! 

Here was the plan. 

A couple cute blocks

Almost there! 

Now to make a border and quilting plan!

P.S. I still have a bunch of destash items available. Free PDF pattern with a purchase... I'm even happy to take offers! :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

a baby quilt and destash this fine Monday morning. :)

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Good morning friends!

I've had a few quilt finishes in the last couple months believe it or not! ;)  One I can't blog yet (bummer), but a couple I can (even if they're small).

This first one I started when the little owner of this quilt was just brand new, and for some reason, her name inspired me. And then it sat. For a very long time. Not sure why... but it just happened that way.

Until one weekend I decided I wanted to finish something.

I knew I had to use this map fabric from SarahJane, not only because of the color scheme, but the symbolism. (The year of Jubilee, Biblically, was when slaves were freed, and all kinds of mercies were bestowed - I like the idea of that covering the whole world).

The quilt is very simple. Just some pretty patchwork squares and a name from Kelly's Wonky Alphabet pattern. (Lindsey even got a whole 'nother quilt out of the extra squares! :D

Infinity loops and loop-di-loops for the quilting.

I hope miss Jubilee loves it!

(You know what's kind of funny? She is one of Scarlet's little dopplegangers... see???)


In other news: 
Big destash going on in my pattern shop! I'm giving away a free pdf pattern with each purchase -- just leave the note of your choice in the little check out note and I'll email it to you. :) Most things are priced at $5/yard!


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